We now know that early life experiences play a crucial role in a person’s psychological, social and neurological development. A child with optimal early relationships will gain important developmental advantages: improved relationships and social skills, keen self-management skills and healthy interdependence, a well-functioning nervous system and overall psychological strength and well-being. These advantages are all rooted in the attachment systems present in the first years of life.

The last several decades in the field of infant research, mental health and neurobiology have changed our understanding of babies and the adults they become. What we experience, feel and know in our infant and toddler years becomes the map by which we navigate the world. The quality of the relationships with our parents and caregivers are the key features that influence us for the rest of our lives – our sense of ourselves and our relationships with others. By bringing the latest research to professionals and parents and by merging this research with the realities of life we are able to put attachment at the forefront of societal understanding.

A baby who is blessed with sensitivity, attunement and responsiveness to their psychological needs is a baby who emerges as a healthy and happy adult. We believe that every person deserves such a start.