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Centre for Attachment is offering two half-day workshops, one on Saturday 8 October in Christchurch and one on Saturday 19 November in Auckland...

Attachment Theory in Everyday Life

A half-day workshop for parents and professionals


The workshop will cover the realms of relationship, discovery and connection as they relate to attachment theory and its application to day-to-day moments.  We will address the following questions:

What are the features of a secure attachment relationship?

Why is attachment not a parenting style?

What does attachmetn have to do with brain development?

How can I create a healthy relationship with my child?

What if my own childhood wasn't ideal?

What does play have to do with attachment?

How can I keep my child safe while allowing them freedom?

How will my child learn best?

How does my child learn to sleep and settle without my help?

What do I do about tantrums and meltdowns?

How can I make sense of my own feelings of guilt, worry or anger?

What is the role of extended family and other carers?


Workshops are 10:00 am until 1:30 pm and the cost is $45 per person.


- Christchurch workshop is being held at Helios Integrative Medical Centre, 275 Fifield Tce in Opawa

- Auckland workshop is being held at Sherwood Primary School (in the staff room), 40 Sartours Ave in Browns Bay


Both workshops are led by Lauren Porter.  Workshops are in an interactive style, with use of video, photographs and stories as well as ample time for questions and discussion. 


For more information and to register, please contact Lauren Porter at or on 021 721 115.